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Who we are

How we got here

I started throwing in 2019 after a long search and several waiting lists... I fell in love with the serenity of the clay throwing and decided I wanted to create my own space in order to be able to throw more than once a week and closer to home. I realized I was not the only one in this quest and decided to share my space and create a welcoming environment for passionate potters who either do not have the space or don't want the mess at home :) A place where you can go as a potter at anytime of the day or week and do what you do best, create with clay.

Our Mission

create. Practice. inspire.

At ClayMates, our mission is to create a safe, communal space for all kinds of potters - beginners to advanced - to come together and create, practice & inspire. Whether you’re a experienced potter looking for a community or inspiration, a beginner potter hoping to learn a thing or two from other potters, or if you’re simply interested in being surrounded by people with the same clay addiction, ClayMates is here to welcome you!

Our Values

respect. community. freedom

ClayMates was born out of a desire to have an open community studio accessible 24/7 where every potter can express their craft in their own way. This goes together with respecting eachother's craft, supporting others in the community and feeling free to express you passion at any time of the day.


Plan your own time

We’re pleased to provide a membership which includes both handbuilding and wheel throwing sessions, you use your sessions as you please. Are you curious about what is included? Have a look below, or use the chat today with any questions.



Do you want to learn to throw at your own pace?

  • - We have initiation lessons to have a first try,

  • - Beginner membership with one initiation class followed by practice sessions

  • - online classes from Françoise Busin with practice sessions

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Wheel Throwing

We have wheel throwing memberships of 10 to 50

three-hour sessions including bisquit and community glaze firing and some clay to get you started

Cleaning Ceramic

Hand Building

This subscription is aimed at ceramicists who like to create with their hands. We have clay press, extruder, molds, texture rollers, GR Pottery Forms and more


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