We like organizing events once in a while to keep the community feel going. Have a look below what events are happening now.

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Pot Swap Q1 2022


Make a mug, give a mugand get a mug!

Make a cup in your style and finish it. This can be thrown as well as under handbuilt. Fate determines who will receive your mug and from whom you will receive a mug. You have until March 31 to finish your mug. Only you will know who your mugswap Claymate is. We will organize a lovely exchange moment. 

ClayMates Throwdown

23/12 - 7pm

Every month we will organize a challenge. This is not a challenge against each other but more a challenge for ourselves!

December edition is... throwing blind!

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Winter Market

19/12 - 3pm to 7pm

Have fun shopping together for end-of-year gifts with a nice Christmas atmosphere! All pieces are made by our ClayMates!